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Rick has been in the mortgage business for 33 years. He owns 3 mortgage branches and has 30 loan officers. In 2017, Rick closed 200 loans per month and 95% of them were purchase. Rick originated personally from 1984–2009. He owns and runs The CORE Training of 438 top producing real estate agents and mortgage lenders with 44 coaches. He is also the national coach of 2 top 25 mortgage companies (Summit Funding & Guild). Rick’s purpose is to teach lenders and realtors to become wealthy and financially independent.

Rick teaches his clients that they can maximize their results by using 3 basic principles:

1. Lead Generation

2. Building a Team

3. Counting the Money

What sets Rick apart from other coaches?

Rick Ruby isn’t a coach who just observes and gives ideas as to what you should do. He’s actually been in the trenches in the mortgage and real estate industry just like you. Therefore, his coaching and training tips have been tried and tested. A quote he uses frequently that he implements with his clients, “If its new, then it’s not true. If it’s true, then it’s not new.”

So come and begin your journey with Rick. He would love for your to become his next success story. START TODAY!

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